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Thank you to everyone who has said NO to cruel cosmetics in Europe! Add your name to the list by signing the petition now.
Number Name and comments Country
23 Mrs Aggeliki Stoila Greece
22 Mrs angela tanz Italy
21 Mr stuart smith United Kingdom
20 Mr Guia Alix Spain
19 Miss tiina laakkonen Ei eläinkokeita enää!!!!!! Finland
18 Mr Michele Gandolfo Italy
17 Ms Natalia Estrelo Portugal
16 Miss Henna Turunen Finland
15 Mrs LAVALLEE Dominique Belgium
14 Ms eva blanco merino Spain
13 Mrs Sonia Costa Portugal
12 Miss Cristina Lobo !Free animals and stop the cruelty! Portugal
11 Miss TRESSA REISBERG United Kingdom
10 Ms melanie Panzer Germany
9 Mr Francisco Godinho Portugal
8 Miss Gloria Velez Spain
7 Miss Isabel Azevedo Portugal
6 Frau Nicolle Schleicher Germany
5 Mr Jerónimo Araújo United Kingdom
4 Mrs marianna pezzuca Italy
3 Miss Naomi Mauriello Switzerland
2 Mr Eduardo José Azevedo Araújo Portugal
1 Mrs Maria Margarida Correia United Kingdom
0 Mrs Joana Rita Azevedo Araújo Portugal
-1 Mr Barbro Sørlien Norway
-2 Mr josef waziry Sweden
-3 Miss ines veronica ertvaag chitussi animals cant say n Norway
-4 Mr linda sande Norway
-5 Mrs Sylvie Hladíková Czech Republic
-7 Mr Dave Deeming United Kingdom
-8 Mrs Isabel Perez Germany
-9 Mrs Linda Deeming United Kingdom
-10 Miss Carly Capill United Kingdom
-11 Miss paula stacey United Kingdom
-12 Miss Ana Gabriel Mendes Portugal
-13 Ms carol maceachern If people were experimented on there would be an outcry,quite rightly,but sadly animals can't speak out or defend themselves.They are totally dependant on humans and we owe them kindness and compassion.I will not be silenced and I will speak out for animals worldwide until this unspeakable cruelty ends.We are in the 21st century and need to behave accordingly.please stop all cruelty now. United Kingdom
-14 Miss CARMEN ALVEAR Spain
-15 Mr Eric Lane United States
-16 Mrs Laura Garcia Cuervo Spain
-17 Mr Clara Pardo Spain
-18 Miss Francisca Diaz Spain
-19 Miss Olga Solans Spain
-20 Miss Ana Cristina SIlva Portugal
-21 Mrs ester de santis France
-22 Mr Petr Kučeřík Czech Republic
-23 Mr dehas malik France
-24 Mr robinot franck France
-25 Miss dehas nadia France
-26 Miss dehas maeva United Kingdom
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