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Thank you to everyone who has said NO to cruel cosmetics in Europe! Add your name to the list by signing the petition now.
Number Name and comments Country
106 Frau Christiane Freund Germany
105 Frau Hildegard Ulm Germany
104 Miss Laetitia GILLIS France
103 Miss Margarita Gorelikova Testing goods, cosmetics on animals is not right. It is disrespectful from the mankind's side. We have to care about our little brothers and make their lifes happy. They can feel everything we do to them - good and bad things too. So just imagine how would you feel if you were the guinea pig? I bet horrible. Russian Federation
102 Miss Jo Dale United Kingdom
101 Ms Kate Freeth United Kingdom
100 Mrs caroline SIRVAIN France
99 Mrs Susann Feiken Politiker sollen sich doch mal selbst für diese Versuche zur Verfügung stellen ! Das wäre mehr als gerecht ! Germany
98 Miss karine bigot France
97 Ms Caitlin Rudelich United States
96 Miss Karlie Fay United Kingdom
95 Mrs Christine Goddard United Kingdom
94 Miss veronique biron Belgium
93 Mrs Ludivine Cadet France
92 Miss Adele Peenaert France
91 Miss Estelle Bartoli France
90 Miss corinne GRAINDORGE il faut arrêter immédiatement cette cruauté faite aux animaux France
89 Miss paskale ritter Assez des souffrances infligées aux animaux, terminé les tests sur les animaux ,nous n'en voulons plus !!!! France
88 Miss Naomi Neale United Kingdom
87 Miss patricia legrand arretons ces tests sur ces pauvres animaux. France
86 Mr Gerd Schreiber Germany
85 Miss claudia correia Portugal
84 Miss Marta Mata Lafora Spain
83 Mrs Sandra Turpin Please stop this cruel and unnecessary practice. United Kingdom
82 Miss linda snowdon United Kingdom
81 Mrs GEMMA DAVIES Testing cosmetics on animals is unnecessary, unacceptable. and morally unjustifiable. Most ethical companies like Marks and Spencer and Lush to name just a few have had a non testing animal policy for many years. So it is quite possible to buy new products without causing suffering to any living creature. Please adhere to the ban as set out in the 7th amendment. United Kingdom
80 Frau Claudia Hammann Germany
79 Miss Lisa gustafsson Sweden
78 Mr sergio pinto Italy
77 Ms Eileen Thomson United Kingdom
76 Mrs caroline johns United Kingdom
75 Ms sue cullington United Kingdom
74 Mr Alessandra Aite Italy
73 Mrs Ingrid Schreiber Germany
72 Mr lebeux herve France
71 Mr axel bode Germany
70 Miss Andrea Bartha Hungary
69 Mrs Salmon Pascale France
68 Ms Rowan Osguthorpe Abhorrent. I would rather be without cosmetics. United Kingdom
67 Ms TRACEY WATTON Test them on life sentence prisoners !! They're no good to society. United Kingdom
66 Mrs monika Jansen Germany
65 Miss Lilly Hoyland United Kingdom
64 Miss Jessica Green This needs to stop! United Kingdom
63 Miss Suzanne Rose United Kingdom
62 Mrs J Bilenczuk United Kingdom
61 Miss Kate Raymond United Kingdom
60 Mr Giovanni Patzzi United Kingdom
59 Herr Dieter Geiger Germany
58 Miss ELISHA RAYMOND GIBSON United Kingdom
57 Mr Michael Raymond United Kingdom
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